For a few months, Apple's market position is increasingly falling. Its products do not sell as well as they did a few years ago, and this applies not only to smartphones but also to tablets. The latter are getting worse in Japan, where they have been defeated by Asus products.

According to a recent report prepared by BCN, Apple is getting worse and worse on the Japanese market. In the first half of this year, Asus sold more tablets from the Californian company. At present, the market share of this company is 38.9 percent and from the previous year increased by 8 percent. Meanwhile, Cupertino has 36.4 percent of the market.

For the head of the Californian concern, this information is certainly a surprise, especially since the iPads have been the most expensive cherries in the country, and now they have been defeated by third-party products.

The reason for this is obviously the price. Apple is still not aware of changing market trends and ignores the fact that consumers are now buying cheap hardware, and Asus supplies them. For example, the Nexus 7 manufactured by this company costs about 20,000 yen in Japan, while the iPad is twice as expensive. Asus has a Memo Pad, and Apple does not have any product in this price category, so rival hardware is eagerly chosen as a cheaper and more attractive alternative iPad.