The owner of an electric vehicle is certainly happy with the cheap use of his car and the fact that it does not pollute the environment. Another dream is to spend the rest of your life with you, finding the nearest station that will allow you to recharge your batteries.

Electric cars have many advantages but also disadvantages. One of them is the need for frequent recharging of batteries, which sometimes happens when the car is moving around the city, when energy consumption is increasing because of frequent stopping and starting. Then you have to find the nearest charging station and here comes the problem, because there are few, and also not quite know where to look for them.

With the help of Hubject, HERE has created a European map of the charging station, with updated real-time information on their availability. In other words, the owner of an electric car will not only find the nearest station, but will also find out if it is free, which types of connectors are available,