It is not known today that man is very polluting his planet. Not everyone realizes that this is not just the planet we live in, but also the space that surrounds us, which is becoming increasingly polluted by various types of waste. How big is the problem, shows a visualization created by researchers at University College London.

One might think that man's sweatshirts are confined to the planet on which he lives. University College London scientists, however, prove to us that this is not the case, and their demonstration shows how much we have also littered the space surrounding our world over the years.

Among the scrape surrounding our planet is a lot of used satellites, paint splashes, space junk, missiles or lost gear. On air planets would not be a problem, but in space all such junk moves at great speed, posing a threat to vehicles and satellites, because it carries a lot of kinetic energy.

NASA is currently tracking about 20,000 such trash, but these are only objects larger than baseball. The objects of the size of a glass ball are already 500,000, while the smaller trash is orbiting the planet's millions. Only one test of the Chinese rocket conducted in 2007, created over 2000 new fragments of rubbish, and every day new arrivals.