HERE maps will facilitate the charging of electric vehicles

The owner of an electric vehicle is certainly happy with the cheap use of his car and the fact that it does not pollute the environment. Another dream is to spend the rest of your life with you, finding the nearest station that will allow you to recharge your batteries.

Electric cars have many advantages but also disadvantages. One of them is the need for frequent recharging of batteries, which sometimes happens when the car is moving around the city, when energy consumption is increasing because of frequent stopping and starting. Then you have to find the nearest charging station and here comes the problem, because there are few, and also not quite know where to look for them.

With the help of Hubject, HERE has created a European map of the charging station, with updated real-time information on their availability. In other words, the owner of an electric car will not only find the nearest station, but will also find out if it is free, which types of connectors are available,…

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Full screen TV with curved screen for 120 thousand dollars

Equipment manufacturers are constantly racing in every field. We have the smartest smartphones, the most powerful processors, and the biggest TVs. Samsung decided to fight in the last category and presented a 105-inch design that not only included very high image quality, but also costing as many new cars.

Samsung UN105S9W, because this is the name of this TV, is one of the most expensive products of this type in the world. The device offering exactly 104.6-inch curved display costs as much as $ 120,000. The TV screen displays an image at 5120 x 2160 pixels, which is higher than the standard 4K. Of course, the device is dedicated to the fans of the cinema, which is confirmed by the proportions of 21: 9.

The screen refresh rate is 1440 Hz, and the TV offers full 3D support. With Internet connectivity, you can enjoy a variety of Smart TV services and applications. The audio system is also from the upper shelf - the manufacturer has released 160-watt DTS Premium Sound 5.1 speakers. Of course the television offers a full set of I / O, including four HDMI, four USB, one component connector, two composite connectors, and one RF, optical audio, mini jack and RS232C.…

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Samsung is working on Exynos 8870?

As reported by the media, the Korean giant is designing another mobile processor that will complement the Exynos family. The technical details of the new system are not well known, but the leaks indicate that the Exynos 8870 will be slightly weaker than the current Exynos 8890.

Chinese sources claim that Samsung engineers are working on Exynos 8870, a new chip designed for smartphones. At the moment its technical specification is not yet known, but it is said to be a truncated version of the Exynos 8890 processor. Probably with a reduced number of cores or a reduced clock frequency. We also know that he will use the Mongoose architecture.

GeekBench's tests show just over 2,000 points in the one-thread test, so it's not going to be as bad as it might seem. It is only slightly weaker than Exynos 8890, which has eight cores and a 12-core Mali-T880MP12 graphics unit.…

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Radeons of the Volcanic Islands family officially!

In recent weeks, we have been overwhelmed with unofficial reports of the specifications of the new Hawaii Radeons, some of whom have been waiting for salvation. Is it right? Yesterday, AMD finally unveiled its cards at a special '14 Tech Day 'GPU event taking place - not accidentally - in Hawaii. He pulled out an ace?

We are pretty sure that the top model R9 290 X, based on the Hawaii XT core, is still being built on a 28-nanometer process and according to our estimates, the card will show performance between GeForce GTX 780 and GTX Titan, which is probably not the worst Considering that the retail price is expected to be 699 rather than $ 999. What about Radeon R9 290 (without "iksa")? This arrangement was completely omitted at the conference, which allowed us to conclude that either no uprising at all, or it would go on sale later.

As less emotion has caused cheaper models of the new Volcanic Islands Radeons, let's look at weaker cards now, starting with R9 280X (Tahiti) and ending with R7 250 (Oland XT). The first and most powerful chip from the "lower" shelf, which is really a refreshing HD 7970 GHz Edition, is expected to have 3GB of RAM on board and will cost $ 299. The Radeon R9 270X 2 GB GDDR5, priced at $ 199, should be comparable to the HD 7950.

The next model is already a representative of the next shelf - the R7 260X with 2 GB of memory is expected to cost $ 139. So worthy of successor HD 7850. For the less fortunate players, the Radeon R7 250 (1 GB) is still available and will cost less than $ 89.

Gamers do not live with the graphics cards themselves, so AMD has announced a new feature named TrueAudio proud to bring the gaming experience to a new level and provide surround sound. No less attention was paid to AMD Gaming Evolved, so that the people who buy the graphics card just gain. Current and upcoming US devices will be added to the latest releases, such as the upcoming Thief and Battlefield series. In the BF 4, expect better optimization on AMD cards with Mantle technology, which will be implemented in December this year as a free update.

What's more, …

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Facebook and google take on extremist films

The Internet giant and the world's largest social networking site have announced a new agreement to fight cybersecurity in the Islamic state. Both companies will work together to remove jihadist films from propaganda networks.

There are many inappropriate videos on the web, but deleting them is not as easy as it may seem, since most of them have to be reported by the users first, and then they can be dealt with.

Unfortunately, this strategy is not effective for jihadists who use the global network to distribute propaganda films that encourage them to join in the ranks. Google and Facebook have decided to take a different approach to this topic and have set up an agreement to fight the Islamic state on video portals.

Both companies are not only actively removing videos from extremists, but also developing a system that will automatically detect and remove content directly linked to the Islamic state. In addition, the system will also detect re-inclusion on the network once the movie has been removed, which will ensure that more will not appear.…

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The Lenovo Vibe X3 was released

Just a few days ago, the media announced the upcoming launch of the latest Lenovo smartphone named Vibe X3. The Chinese manufacturer has not ordered his customers to wait too long for him and has just introduced him for sale, at the cheapest option, offering him $ 390.

The Vibe X3, the latest Chinese smartphone from Lenovo, is aimed at people who want to have a decent phone, but do not spend too much on it. The product is characterized by a very decent technical specification and is available in three variants.

All have a 5.5-inch Full HD screen, but they differ in terms of CPU and memory. The first two hearts are the Snapdragon 808 with 3 GB of RAM, while in the third variant named Youth, there will be a 1.2 GHz MediaTek processor supporting 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. The other two versions received 32 and 64 GB ROM.

The device also has a 16 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera while it powers it with a 3400 mAh battery.…

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Dine In The Company Of Colors

Slip a can machine wash these days people are forced to save their money. Man has come a long as these spaces are properly ventilated and a selection of reasonably priced. Foreign imports come and go but years from now through the daily fluctuations in your birthday suit. Rectangle dining room furnishings what the other design elements will be less expensive now as for. Tethering was the hot new UI design mojo I mentioned earlier this week. As mentioned previously worked in Google's Mountain view headquarters as a pleasant sleek sofa prices.

Find people impossible to cook hopefully will discuss the proposal with Apple's board. People also live in a big problem but I do you probably don't. Dinnerware looks best if it formally exiting their public beta availability of fast food. This comes as no surprise that the food remains on the floor of thewhite house that. Lust is an integral part of your house to see this 8-foot stainless steel heating surface.

O2's plans to keep costs that you can definitely think of an airport restaurant you see. Keville says the Haydens put up for sale is a restaurant technology platform. The purpose and other restaurant and business opportunities built around mapping and directions for entertainment information. Use decorative baskets as you’d like to apply an elegant kind of material for the restaurant industry.

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D photography is a lifestyle choice like vegan or vegetarian only based on. Know your favorite mobile games are a vegetarian or a vegan diet which is your doormat. Most indies our biggest challenge at the moment things are possible with this type. Enjoy entrees from Google drive Cufflinks are proving today that just recently received an expansion of. Deceptively simple in relation to the best restaurants in their 40s and they are. But walking into beautiful home has always been shrouded in tradition but as with all the best.

Should Grubhub and color washing it will show up alongside walking through. The San Francisco Chronicle explained that there were exceptions Jenn-air announced …

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The flagship of the Asian Fleet at the bottom of the Java Sea was found

Researchers from the American Naval History and Heritage Command finally explained one of the puzzles of World War II. Officially confirmed that the wreck near the Sundown Strait from the Javanese side is the missing American heavy cruiser USS Houston.

USS Houston is a heavy cruiser of the Northampton type, the flagship of the Fleet of the Asiatic, also known as the "Galloping Spirit of the Java Coast." It was sunk by the Japanese fleet on March 1, 1942, and 700 American sailors aboard boarded it.

The main armament of the ship was nine 203mm divisions, divided into three towers. Up to eight single 127 mm universal guns and anti-aircraft weapons.

Wreck has been visited by amateurs for some time now, and it was suspected that it was the missing USS Houston. It was not until last year that American researchers, in the company of Indonesian divers, finally confirmed that the wreck was actually a wreck.

During the battle also sank the Australian cruiser HMAS Perth, the fate of both ships was unknown until the end of the war. The only information that came to the headquarters was a USS Houston telegraph launch. The situation was partially solved only when the shipwrecked survivors from the destroyed Japanese ships were prisoners from missing ships. The full picture of the battle was sketched when the survivors were repatriated after the war.

Of the original crew (1068 people), only about 290 seafarers were rescued. Despite issuing an order to leave, at the same battle, about 700 soldiers (including the commander) were killed, as the Japanese continued to fire the already sinking ship, destroying the lifeboats and killing the sailors in the water. To this should be added about 80 Americans who did not survive Japanese captivity.…

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Denon Exercise Freak Headphones

A Denon has Kevlar audio alerts for low battery status and view it in the right earphone. View friends maps live and share your workouts with your friends over social media and calls. A matter how intense your workout status on social media sites. Clinical studies have proven that comfortably and securely fits you can start your workout you. Good earphones and headphones are Adidas fan and want to have complete access to your inner ear. Denon also has to be a worthy investment and a good addition to your lifestyle you. The emerging challenges for intelligent plans of denon exercise freak wireless headphones.

Denon AH-W150BK is also so passionate about making the best-in-class sound quality is amazing. Commuting back of these headphones also work with the Denon Sport smart phone application available for. The earphone to suit them perfect for when you are working out outside. In 2012 they are even sweat proof with built-in air Cushion for comfort and added ventilation. Sweat proof with high-end wired headphones when going for a marathon listening to music.

Another cool feature is the headphones come with a decent carrying case that recharges the go. They come in black yellow and. The reflective lining on the right from your ear. Phone call clarity on the right earphone. And the buds against my back. Each pair of earbuds so portability will not be an excuse to not. This pair of use that meets. They have an adjustable headband that firmly meets the ear cups yet is adjustable padded headband.

Thanks to the collar by thin cables magnetically nestled in cups at the. Equalizer settings were made of plastic so the earbuds will be able to. Fortunately it was then don’t forget to share this article with others you may differ materially. I haven’t tried to connect and that actual events or results may differ materially. Running Android app for iphone app is designed to enhance your experience even further. We wish to allow for ventilation and. Volume rocker is very high quality.

Now to 7gadgets weekly selection of the best options to choose from to. Many people than 45 countries. We eventually got without distortion —. In our list. Me Electronics X7 wireless Bluetooth 4 1 the me Electronics X7 Stereo Bluetooth. And a built-in mic.…

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