Losing a limb does not mean that you have to resign from your current occupation. You can adjust the denture you receive so that it changes into a tool to help you do the job, and that is what the tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet did.

A man who had lost his right forearm 22 years ago would probably never be able to return to his profession. Fortunately, he met Gonzai on his way, an artist and engineer who helped him develop an unusual forearm prosthesis, which was also a tattoo artist's tool.

The prosthesis is made up of parts removed from the audio recorder, sewing machine, and several other components that allowed for the extension of the tattoo machine, attached directly to the body. The prosthesis in this way is very light, which is important for tattoos because it allows for very precise needle handling. Unfortunately, it also has a drawback, because it is very difficult to clean it.